Our Team

Cyber, Space, & Intelligence Association was founded in early 2011 to provide an environment for a vital flow of ideas between national security thought leaders in Government, Industry, and Congress focused Cyber, Space, and Intelligence challenges and opportunities.
Richard Coleman is Chairman, President and Founder of Cyber, Space & Intelligence Association and President of Space Transportation Association.

CSIA focuses on issues critical to Cyber Security, Military Space and Intelligence, while STA focuses on launch and related issues critical to Space Exploration and assured access to space.

Mr. Coleman employs a unique leadership style featuring a mix of events and meetings, classified and unclassified, which result in a highly productive, valuable exchange of ideas, policies, methods, and technologies which benefit Government, Congress and Industry alike.

Previously Mr. Coleman was Senior Associate of The Potomac Advocates, where he supported the DOD Special Capabilities Office in Cyber Security and Remote Sensing. Mr. Coleman, along with colleagues from the 175th Net Warfare Squadron of the Maryland Air National Guard, provided Cyber Security familiarization in Estonia and Georgia. For other clients research was concentrated on Mergers & Acquisitions, Quantum Computing and Battle Management C4ISR.

During the 1990s Mr. Coleman co-founded and managed Space Express Corporation which teamed with Lockheed Martin Skunk Works on the X-33 Reusable Launch Vehicle program, and co-founded and managed Wireless Power & Light Corporation – a high altitude communications company. While Chairman and CEO of WP&L Mr. Coleman was personally awarded two patents for high altitude communications and related platforms by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

In the 1980s Mr. Coleman performed research for Defense Nuclear Agency, DOD OSD International Security Policy and West German MOD focused on West German and Soviet reaction to deployment of Pershing II, GLCM and Neutron Weapons in Europe, as well as the Strategic Defense Initiative. Graduate school research in the GWU Security Policy Studies program focused on US – Soviet Strategic relations prior to and during World War II and the Cold War, Soviet Foreign Policy, and Defense Program Analysis & Evaluation.

Previously Mr. Coleman and his family sold Review Management Company, the mutual fund management company for OTC Securities Fund to Rockefeller & Company and The Prospect Group in New York. After the sale Mr. Coleman worked for the two firms searching for investment and acquisition opportunities. Starting in 1987 Mr. Coleman founded and managed a boutique investment bank, RCV Investments, which specialized in Mergers & Acquisitions, working with US, European, and Japanese high tech clients.

Mr. Coleman started on the Hill in 1979 working with the Senate Steering Committee working on nuclear weapons issues and the SALT II Treaty, and later served on the staff of Senator Dick Schweiker (R-PA). At George Washington University, Mr. Coleman received a Wolcott Scholarship and completed his Masters degree in Security Policy Studies in 1983. After graduate school Mr. Coleman served as an Analyst with HRA, Inc, where he analyzed the above described Defense deployment programs.

MA, Security Policy Studies, George Washington University, 1983.

BA, International Relations and History, Lehigh University, 1978.

Mr. McCoy is a senior executive with over 25 years of experience at the highest levels of government and the private sector. He has planned and executed major doctrinal changes, multi-billion dollar programs, legislative support activities, association creations, and company strategic financing initiatives as a senior executive within the United States Air Force, the Department of Defense, the aerospace industry and the venture capital community. As a dedicated professional, he has served with distinction at the highest levels within the legislative and executive branches of government, and has received Presidential, Defense and Air Force Secretarial and Congressional recognition for his accomplishments.

Mr. McCoy is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Washington Capital Partners, LLC, a Venture Capital firm focused on early stage investing in technology companies that seek breakthroughs in business models, products, processes, and management. He placed investments in some fifteen companies, leading the firms efforts in discovery, due diligence, negotiations, governance, milestones, alliances, path to market, recruitment and exits. Prior experience in private equity before founding Washing Capital Partners included: Founder, Vice Chairman, and Chairman of the Investment Committee of the George Washington National Bank of Alexandria and served as an Advisor on an $ 890M acquisition in Joint Venture with the Carlyle Group.

Previously, Mr. McCoy was Vice President for Government Relations for Thiokol Propulsion where he developed an effective and comprehensive government relations program that considerably strengthened Thiokol as an aerospace company within the NASA and Defense contractor community. His efforts on behalf of the Company with Congress and the then-serving administration resulted in creating opportunities for Thiokol to successfully compete for strategically significant NASA business that led to a period of unprecedented growth and value-creation for the Company. He was a key participant in the formulation of the Thiokol strategy for developing a new, large solid rocket motor to deflect and defeat proposals for an expensive and potentially dangerous liquid rocket motor alternative for the Space Shuttle; and led the strategy for a team where Thiokol was a major subcontractor in winning a multi-billion dollar Minuteman ICBM Contract.

Earlier, Mr. McCoy served as Assistant Secretary for Manpower, Reserve Affairs, and Installations and later Assistant Secretary for Readiness Support (Installations, Logistics, and Readiness). As the Senior Assistant Secretary he was the senior civilian official during the modernization and rearmament of the USAF during the Reagan Administration. During this time, he served on the Air Force Systems Acquisition Review Council, the final review authority prior to approval by Secretary of the Air Force for all major acquisition programs (multi-hundred and multi-billion dollar programs), which reviewed the management, cost, schedule, and performance of systems. In this capacity, he oversaw some $50B in appropriated funds. His responsibilities included recruitment, training, promotion policies, diversity, morale, ethics, retirement, housing, energy, environment, construction, readiness, and many other matters through direct and constant contact with civilian and Air Force colleagues.

Other previous positions of service include Member of the Professional Staff, Senator Jake Garn and the Senate Defense Appropriations Committee; Director of Policy Research, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy; Scientific Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Engineering and Systems; Deputy Assistant and Staff Assistant to the Secretary of Defense; Member of the Professional Staff, National Security Council, The White House; and Officer, United States Army.

Mr. McCoy received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from the United States Military Academy, West Point, in 1967, and a Master’s Degree in Business Financial Management from George Washington University in 1975. He was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in Viet Nam, and other military medals while on active duty as an officer in the United States Army; and, as a civilian, Medals for Extraordinary Service by two different Secretaries of Defenses and the Secretary of the Air Force.

Timothy J. Evans, Esq., LL.M. is Senior Advisor, Cyber Strategy and Policy, in the Asymmetric Operations Department at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHUAPL) since February 2011. Prior to joining JHUAPL, Colonel Evans was Commander of the 175th Network Warfare Squadron located at Ft. Meade, MD for six years. As part of his unit’s mission, Colonel Evans developed and led EUCOM directed international cyber engagement with Estonia from 2009 to 2012. Additionally, he fully integrated his unit into national missions with U.S. Cyber Command and other forces at Ft. Meade.

While on Active Duty, in addition to his Command responsibilities, he was the Director of Policy for an operational organization in the Department of Defense. He also served as representative to multiple National level cyber policy committees and working groups to include the National Security Staff at the White House. Colonel Evans served as the Chair, Air National Guard Space and Cyber Warfare Weapons System Council and was the senior Cyber Advisor to Chief, National Guard Bureau, General Craig McKinley, future cyber missions integrated process team.

Prior to that, he served as Chief of IO Programming and Chief, Cyberwarfare Division, from October 2003. He served as Air National Guard (ANG) Space and Information Superiority Panel Chair to the Air Force from September 2005 to September 2006.

From December 2001 to November 2003, he served as the Deputy Staff Judge Advocate, Joint Task Force – Computer Network Operations, U.S. Strategic Command, Arlington, Virginia. Col Evans was recalled to active duty just prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom in support of Operation Noble Eagle and was one of the primary Information Operations attorneys for Department of Defense (DoD) network warfare operations. He worked closely with the Air Force Air Intelligence Agency, U.S. Department of Justice, National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency and the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in developing operational IO plans.

Col Evans spent twelve years as a U.S. Marine Corps Judge Advocate. His last active duty Marine Corps assignment was working with the Navy Office of the General Counsel at Camp Pendleton, California as Special Counsel, Environmental Law. He spent his first two years in the Marine Corps as a general law attorney, Liaison with South Korean Prosecutor’s Office and as a prosecutor in Okinawa, Japan. During Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield, Col Evans was Commanding Officer, Headquarters and Service Company, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California.

He was selected from all Marine Corps Judge Advocates in 1993 for the highly competitive Masters of Law (LL.M.) program. He attended the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington and received his LL.M. in International Law in 1994. He graduated from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska where he received a business degree in finance in 1983. He then graduated from Creighton Law School with a Juris Doctor in 1986.