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May 12, 2015 – Cyber, Space and Intelligence Association presented its Leadership Award to Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger May 12, 2015 via a reception honoring his service and thankinghim for his leadership while serving on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Over 70 representatives from industry, Congress and government agencies gathered for a celebratory evening of recognition. Distinguished guests who offered toasts included:

Additional notes of recognition were shared during the event:

Best wishes for Dutch from Senator Diane Feinstein

From Congressman Adam Schiff:

“Good evening. I regret that I can’t be with you tonight to honor Dutch Ruppersberger, my friend and colleague. I had the great pleasure of serving with Dutch on HPSCI for years, and I saw every day the seriousness, intelligence, and diligence with which he approached the work on the committee. He took over as Ranking Member at a time when the Committee had become fractious and partisan and along with Mike Rogers he built a culture of non-partisanship, working collaboratively on the incredibly important business before us. We didn’t always have unanimity on the committee – in fact Dutch and I disagreed from time to time – but we always worked together. As I’ve stepped into Dutch’s estimable shoes as Ranking Member, I’m grateful that I can continue to rely on his wise counsel. While Dutch has left HPSCI, he hasn’t gone far and he remains a tremendously important voice and policymaker as a senior member of the HAC-D. So while we raise a glass to Dutch and all the incredible work he has done, we’re also thankful that he is going to be making a difference in national security policy for years to come. Please join me in raising a glass to Dutch.”

From General Keith Alexander, former Director National Security Agency.

“Partisan politics over the past four years left congress paralyzed. Yet there was one committee that pushed aside politics and worked diligently to do what was best for the Nation. Under the leadership of Chairman Mike Rogers and Ranking Member Dutch Ruppersberger, the HPSCI evolved into a committee that did just that. Dutch and Mike did what was best for the country and vowed to work together, as our forefathers envisioned. It was a privilege and honor to serve with Congressman Ruppersberger over the years, and see how politicians could do great things for our country. I and the people at NSA were proud to be in his district and proud to know that he was doing what he could for both NSA and our Nation.”

Chris Inglis, National Security Agency Class of 2014

"Few have done as much as Congressman Ruppersberger to deliver on the promise of government at the local, state and federal level. Public servants and constituents alike have benefited from his advocacy, leadership, and courage across issues and landscapes that others avoid because there are risks, and hard work to be done. The result is a government more accountable to its people and more efficient for those who serve in it. I join with Congressman Ruppersberger's many constituents, colleagues, and fans in thanking him for demonstrating courageous leadership on a journey few would undertake and all admire."

Thank you for all those that came out and congratulations Congressman Ruppersberger!